Shopping Bag


Considering our wide array of social media marketing services, we know you have questions. Feel free to browse through our list of frequently asked questions before reaching out to us.

1. Are the followers real?

Yes, our Real Followers packages are 100% real human followers like You & I.

2. Will I get likes off the followers?

When purchasing our Real Followers package, or an hourly instagram advertisement the users who choose to follow you will do so based on your page’s content, therefore they should engage on your page.

3. How long does it take?

Each package has an estimated time frame, but we always try to accomplish the order as quickly as possible.

4. Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, our checkout process allows you to pay with Credit Card, Debit and/or Paypal.

5. Do you negotiate price on large orders?

Yes, for bulk orders or to build a full social media marketing campaign email Joel@WeDoFollowers.Com

6. Can we target certain demographics?

Yes, with our social media management packages we are able to reach specific niche markets & target demographics around the world.

7. Can you mange/grow my account ?

Having grown our own active network of 20M Users, we believe the answer to this is YES, we most certainly can.

8. Do You need my password?

Only if you’re enrolled in our Social Media management packages. All our other services DO NOT require a password.

9. How do you gain me the followers?

We have various Social Media Marketing strategies for each platform which we have developed over the years. We encourage you to visit our contact section to inquire.

10. How long have you been offering social media services?

6+ Years

11. Will the BOT followers disappear over time ?

All BOT Followers are at risk of being deleted, which is why we offer a 45 day guarantee.

12. is this 100% safe? can instagram shut down my account?

Yes this is safe, instagram can not delete your account.